Friday, September 30, 2011

Marble Mayhem

I remember vividly walking through the hot and humid Alabama evening back in June of 2010. For all intents and purposes my life had fallen apart. As I stood on the edge on loneliness I knew that the road back was going to be a long one. I felt like I was at the rock bottom and it was time to climb out.

If I had only known what was in store for me.

I'm glad that I did not.

The coming months would bring injuries, heartache, loneliness and despair that I could never have visualized. The marbles that I was trying to pick up wouldn't get picked up for a long time still.

Troubles in all areas of my life were still coming to bear. I'm glad that I didn't know then would I do know now.

One thing remained through this entire period of my life. This one thing I am thankful for to the very soul of my being. I stayed true to me and who I am. I did my best and I held my head up high. I stayed positive through the hardest period of my life. I did it and I pulled though on the other side a better and stronger person.

Within a few months of my "Marbles" blog in June I would fall deeply in love. Looking back on that I can't say definitively whether that was wrong or right. It was just my heart yearning to love and be loved in a way that I hadn't known in a long, long time. I gave my all to a relationship that I thought was right.

I risked everything and was burned badly.

My father passed away in November and I found myself single, lonely and broken hearted in December. The healing and growth that I had experienced was all washed away in a hectic few weeks that included a trip north for my father's funeral, Thanksgiving and the betrayal of my heart.

The darkness that I had experienced was back.

Slowing I walked the broken road and protected myself. My heart was healing and my life was getting better when I had my accident and lost my car.

Truly, with the exception of my son, all had now been taken from me.

With courage and fortitude I crawled out of what truly was the low point in my life.

That was in February. Since then I have built my business up so that I am making a profit and no longer scared to not pay bills. My heart now belongs to a kind and loving woman who I trust to never to betray my heart. I am planning a wedding and living a life now that is rich and fulfilling.

I have come out stronger on the other side. I faced the hardest period of my life with integrity and hope. I survived stronger and better.

I am now HAPPY for the turmoil. I am glad for all the walls that I had to climb. Losing everything made it possible for me to build everything back up my way.

Now as I stand here, stronger than my circumstances, I am thankful for everything. I have lived through all of this and stand tall.

I will continue to be me forever and do what I think is right. I am thankful for all the adversity. The skies are clear now. No more rain.

Together Teresa and I are off to build an amazing life together with the strength of our wills behind us every step of the way.

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