Monday, May 9, 2011

All riled up...

and no place to go.

So I've been out of the country. (I've always wanted to just be able to say that. It's a good excuse for not noticing my own blog comments)

Apparently I don't get notifications and anyone can post on blog who wants to. Learn something to everyday.


Just this afternoon I noticed I have some comments on my blogs. Cool. I read them and lo and behold they weren't very kind. Would you believe that there are people out there that don't like my blog? Crazy. I know, right?

The comments were interesting to say the least.

They were from 3 people. (You can read them yourself. They are with the blogs "Knee Deep in Mud" and "Birthday Blog")

What these three people were trying to say was that I rushed into my relationship with Teresea and I need to be whole myself before another "saves" me or "completes" me. Their arguments are interesting and I'm sure that they have strong convictions behind what they feel.

Honestly they are entitled to their opinions and I don't want to argue with what they said.

I do however disagree on principle.

You see we are all different. Despite what the books say or what the bloggers say or what you friends sisters roommate did the fact remains that we are approach and perceive things vastly different. That's what makes life so fun!

This definitely holds true for relationships. I do not profess to know anything about dating. All I know is what I feel and what I want. Are there rules? Maybe. Are there certain things that you shouldn't do. Probably. But are there strict guidelines that we all, as single 30 somethings, need to follow. Clearly there are not.

And it's a good thing.

I have gotten a lot of interesting advice since become single. I have have gone out with some cool women. I've fallen in love TWICE. (Holy CRAP, no way! You can't that! Surely I can and I did...)

I have been lonely and sad and happy and content. I have felt emotions and I own them. Have I been right about everything? Nope. Have I made some bad choices? Yep. Did I do my best with what I had? Indeed I have.

When I separated from my ex wife I vowed to simply be honest with people. I have been brutally honest with all the ladies that I have been friends with or dated and the two that I have been in relationships with. I have even been honest here on my blog. This is a decision that I made and have stuck to. Is that wrong? I don't know...

Those that judge my actions have that right. Those that have tried to sabotage my relationships for there own reasons have that right as well. Those that call me names on my own blog have that right.

My blog is for me and my life is mine. For right or wrong I do and say what I do because that is what is on my heart and it is who I am.

Yeah, I found "the one". Not because I was looking for the one but because she showed up what day and it was my God given right to fall in love with I did.

If you think that is wrong and you wish me ill will because I didn't follow the book then that is your decision. I wake up everyday happy. I go about my day happy. I go to bed every night with a smile on my face because I know that I have found a perfect match for me. If that bothers you then I am fine with that.

You get to live your life and I get to live mine. I wish everybody joy and happiness and I KNOW what is different for everybody. For me I was fine alone but I am truly happy to cool dinner with and plan a life with a girl named Teresa.

She feels the same way I do.

Our lives. Our world. I hope you can find the joy and peace that I have... because anger, judging and name calling won't ever get you what you truly desire. That of course is your it is mine.

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