Monday, April 11, 2011

Knee Deep in Mud

The mud just keeps getting deeper if you don't throw it back.

I make no secret of my relationship with Teresa. I love her and I truly want to marry her and he with her forever and ever. What you have seen here and on Facebook has been nothing but positive. This is indeed what we are focusing on. I wish that was all there is.

Unfortunately there is more.

If you were very observant (which I KNOW certain people were) you noticed that her relationship status on Facebook changed very quickly from a relationship with another to engaged to me.

I just know some people saw that and thought the worst. Perhaps they thought that Teresa and or I had in some way been shady. This is not the case.

From our perspective neither she nor I did a single thing wrong. We did nothing wrong so if you want to judge either of us based on what you saw on Facebook then that is your choice. There is however another side to the story.

Guess what? It's not for the public to see. All I'm going to say (out of respect for the privacy of me and others) is that there is another side of the story.

There has been a lot said about both of us. Much of it is hurtful and simply wrong. It's OK though because we haven't said anything back. We are taking the high road because that is the correct thing to do.

If you know anyone involved and you have seen the mud slinging I need you to stop for a second and think about it. Think about how there are other people involved and there is another version of what took place.

The mud is getting deep because I am not throwing it back. Soon I know it will stop and we can all get on with our lives. Teresa and I are truly happy and so glad that we have found each other. We really don't care how shady you think we are. We are truly blessed to have found each other....

That is the story.


  1. FB can be tricky with relationship stuff, can't it? Anyway, I think everyone hopes for the type of whirlwind romance you seem to have experienced of late. And, you're fortunate in that it's happened a couple times within just the past several months, if I remember previous posts.

    Me? I'd settle for just one "the one", you know? ;)

  2. I find it very hurtful when people judge when they do not know the facts. This is especially alarming when people should know better because they have been though similar situations. We make decisions in our lives based on what we think is right. Sometimes our decisions are JUDGED and or QUESTIONS because some people don't have all the facts. There are facts her that I can not and will not talk about. If YOU know these facts then you would understand every action that we have taken.

    Thankfully all the roads in my life lead here. Regardless of who has or hasn't been in my life this one is the one and we both know. Many of the reasons we can't even talk about here. I wish my life has been perfect and I had found just one "one". Life isn't always like that.

    I wish I could tell the whole story about Teresa and I but I can not. All I can continue to say is that I saved her from a horrible situation.

    If you think that is shady then that is your judgement. You actually should know better. You've been there yourself...

  3. Mr. Witherspoon didn't say anything about anything being "shady." But he's obviously read your posts. You say people shouldn't judge but YOU put it out there, on the INTERNET, for people to read. Maybe the fact that hardly anyone comments means most people don't read what you write... I don't know... but it's out there nonetheless. You can't get all up in arms when people think it's odd that you're married one day, separated the next, "in love" a month later, completely heart-broken and shattered (and weepy and pitiful) a couple of months later, and "in love" again, with THE ONE, mere months after THAT. Most normal, healthy people don't approach relationships like that. So if you don't want people to come to conclusions about what YOU write, especially when you say things that just BEG for conclusion-jumping, maybe you should write in a PRIVATE forum!

  4. Diane - My blog had nothing to do with you. I was not talking to Mr. Witherspoon in my response to his comment. (I know that breaks "blog comment rules and regulations" but I actually don't much care.) The person who I was talking to know's who she is.

    I really don't care how many comments I get. I am not in a popularity contest. Obviously you read my blog. Isn't that all I need? When I write something that I want people to read then I direct them to one of my blogs. I write because I enjoy to write and sometimes I like to get out things that are on my heard.

    I found this comment rather insulting and confusing all at the same time. Why would you care about what I write on my blog? Why do I have to be like you? I am happy and content with my life. Is that so wrong? Again, why would you care?

    I am a normal healthy person. I think that I am the best judge of that. I'm sure that you are normal and healthy as well. (to your standards) Isn't that what is important?

    Regardless of what you or Debbie or Mr. Witherspoon think each of us gets to decide what is right or wrong in our own lives. That's our God given right. Think what you will. I've conducted my life as best I know how. It's not your life it's mine.

    My blog must be pretty compelling for you to read it. To bad you can't go back 6 months into Teresa's Facebook wall and she what she in up... but who would do something like that?

  5. Sometimes, you just know when its right. Sometimes it hits you like a ton of bricks. I was seperated from my ex for a mere couple of months after 2 yrs of marriage when I met my current husband. I wasn't looking, believe me! We were married one year later and we will be celebrating 20 years this year. I wish nothing but happiness with Teresa. No one should judge you or her. Just remember, this too, shall pass. Are you suppose to stay with someone whom doesn't make you happy just because every thinks its the right thing to do??? That is hogwash! They don't run your life and they certainly shouldn't run your love life! Go, be happy. Don't even care what anyone else thinks. Its not their life and its not their decision. In my book, you cannot drive a happy person away from a happy relationship. Period. Ignore negativity, embrace the positive!