Monday, February 14, 2011

Somewhere with you

For 11 years Valentines Day with with my wife. We'd go out to dinner or spend quality time in time way. It was always a nice day.

In June I we separated.

Since then I have been separated, single, dating, in love, divorced, in a relationship, single, dating, and single...

It's been a ride this whole making my way thing.

I haven't put pressure on my self to be single or to date or to be in a relationship or to BE anything. I've been just taking it as it comes. Today is the put up or shut up day.

I could go either way but I can say that today I am HAPPY to have a Valentine.

We are not in a relationship. We are not committed to forever or even long term. We get along. We have fun. We talk late into the night. We share time with our children. We have helped each other grow through tough times. A hand to hold. A ear to listen. A person to call... a Valentine.

What the future holds I am not certain. All I know is that I am happy to be going out with a lovely lady today that I can, for today at least, call my Valentine.

Each day and each new experience brings to closer to being complete and being content. Going on a Valentines date makes me smile today....

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