Monday, February 28, 2011


Is there a reset button? Sheesh.

What a couple of days it has been. The highs and lows have been enough to make my head spin. Trying to work today has been like a comedy of errors. Can I rewind the clock a couple of weeks and start over again. Man alive WTF. lol

So here I am writing about nothing for no reason then to take a break from my list; which is getting longer by the minute. It's a good thing that I'm laugh through this time period because man alive I feel like I'm in a washing machine.

It's funny because every thing that is good is tempered by something that is drastically wrong. I took a change on love and may have lost it...or maybe not. Likely I did. Won a big race but they messed up the results. Excited for a ultra race this weekend but I can't get my GPS to work. My phone is totally messed up.

Some girl says I'm hot...she's married. Another girl says I'm the guy of her dreams but...

And then there's that other girl....I'll say it again: SHEESH.

I lost the one thing I got from my divorce: the car. At least I got her old can when she got her new car.

My son is great but my relationship with his mom can be rocky.

Jimmini Christmas. I guess I should go back to work putting out fires in my life.

Oh yeah, I really enjoyed sitting on the phone for two hours with technical support for my video camera...

Let's see, programming the way back machine to Valentines Day....

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