Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The ex Game

When you are divorced or separated or other wise single in some way shape or form then surely you have ex's. Often times they all live in Texas. If this is true then just avoid the lone-star state and you will be fine.

For the those of us that aren't George Strait our ex's live right around the corner.

Just for fun:

So we have ex's. Some get along with our ex's. Some don't. Some are at odds and some aren't. We have kids with some of our ex's and sometimes we do not. Some people sleep with their ex's! Eek!

We all have different relationships with our ex's.

Mine has been weird. We are at times very displeased with the other. At times we are fine and talk and text like friends. Sometimes we go camping together....

OK, not sometimes but this upcoming weekend. This can create some challenges.

When my ex said that we should do our son's scout camp out together I was all for it. He's still getting adjusted to his parents being divorced so this will give him some mom/dad time. Sounded like a great idea before but now I don't like it.

The reality is this: your parents are divorced. It is now 2 separate families: mom/Colby with a boyfriend and kids (if applicable) OR dad/Colby and girlfriend and kids. This is a sad reality of a broken home. This however is the reality.

After this camp-out I'm not going to do this again. It's creates too much weirdness all around. It's sad but it is the reality of our lives now.

As I progress into a relationship THIS has to be my priority; not my relationship with my ex wife. She and I need to raise a son but we aren't doing it together. I'm OK hanging out at the house or maybe going to the park for an hour.

Spending the weekend camping? That's not going to work for me anymore.

As time goes by I need to figure things out. There is no book for me. It is a daily struggle with decisions that impact a lot of people. Right now I see that my choice was a bad one. It's OK. Today is a new day to make new decisions.

My new found wisdom will guide me...

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