Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Talk: Part 1

Had to have "the talk" with my son today (Not the whole talk just part 1 of ??). I dread the talks but I know they are needed. He's too young!


So how do you talk to your 10 year old about the birds and bees? Should you really have to? How do you?!?

I remember being VERY young and asking my mom how babies were made. The irony is that I remember asking then I remember her telling me not to tell anyone what she said but I don't remember WHAT she said. lol. Guess she made quite an impression with her talk. I want to say I was like 6 at the time. What could she possibly have said?

My son is 10. I've talked to him about how babies are made. I don't think that is the issue though. Or is it?

Without getting to specific I know that he is curious about "sexy naked girls". Hmmm. Is this normal or OK? Do I be the cool dad and show him some "sexy naked girls"?

THAAAAAT's not going to happen.

Do I tell him that is is normal to be curious? It's a tough call.

I do have a pretty good relationship with his mom so we will work on it together. It's just hard to know exactly what to do. A big problem that I see is that since there is no was for for him to look at "sexy naked girls" within the rules he has to lie about it. THAT disturbs both of us big time.

Anyway, so I had a talk with him this morning. I didn't yell. I didn't get mad. I just told him I know and that it was wrong. In the near future I'm going to have more talks and am going to try to get ahead instead of be behind like I am now.

I only have one reference point and that is of course me. Was I interested in sexy naked girls at his age? Yep. Did I ever have the talk with my dad? Nope.

I need to have the talk....


  1. That is such an inappropriate picture. It is funny though!

  2. How about giving him a book to read? That's how I got my info when I was about 10 too. Our kids are wayyyyyy more advanced these days and they just won't buy the stork story or that a virgin is someone from Virginia!!
    Good Luck on the lesson!

    BTW - I'm now following your blog!

  3. I wish he was but he's not a big ready. We are just going to be a lot more aware now that we know that he's arrived at this stage. Ah the joys of parenthood...

  4. I think the “talk” is so important. Your son is only 10 but things are going to change rather quickly. My son is now 12 and that connection that I had with him at 10 is not the same. He will only talk to me on his terms, which is pretty typical for a teenager. Of course this does not stop me from talking but I have to be cleverer about it.
    So, I am a big believer in having the “talk” early and building on it with age appropriate information. I think that it is important to set the foundation when they are young and willing to listen than when they are older and getting mixed signals from media and their friends. All three of my children are well aware of sex, their bodies, protection, STD’s, drugs, alcohol, smoking, healthy choices and just about every other thing that is important.
    I also feel that it is important to be honest with my children. Once you begin having a talk with him he will slowly start asking you questions, and most of them are pretty personal. My 12 mostly asks about his body. Sometimes he will hear something at school and he will question me about it.
    I would not even consider showing my children pictures of “sexy nude women”. I want my sons to respect woman in general. I am raising men after all. My boys will figure that stuff out on their and I am sure not going to disrespect myself by giving them crap to “view”. Who is to say what is sexy to them, we all have different preferences. And, your son is 10.. he likes GIRLS, why would you want to show him a WOMEN? That is so not “cool dad”.
    A cool dad teaches his son the correct way to treat a girl/woman and how to respect her and himself by using protection. All of the other stuff falls into place.
    Recently I found one of my clothing catalogs under my 12 year old sons’ pillow. See, they figure it out on their own. He now takes very long showers.. and tends to turn red when a cute teenager is around.

  5. Thanks Crystal! I am much more aware of things with him now that he's getting a little older. More talks are to come...