Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Looking back helps to see forward. As 2010 draws to a close and the door to 2011 begins to open up I feel in a reflective mood.


What a year! To me 2011 brings great opportunity and great potential. There is more uncertainly in my life than I have ever felt but, to me, that is a good thing. Lack of certainty presents possibilities. With my head high I am ready to move forward and enter bravely into the New Year.

Before I do that I need to look at, and reflect on, the year that was.

To me the year was a crazy and wild ride full of highs and lows. To the casual observer my year was a tragic one. After all I’ll admit freely that the 10 worst days of my life were easily all in 2010. The three worst things to ever happen to me all happed in this calendar year.

If I dwell I don’t heal. I will remember, yes. But I do not dwell.

If I dwell then I won’t get the opportunity to find good and rise from the ashes what wasn’t there before. This is that life is all about. Don’t shed a tear for me. What more proof do you need?

My marriage of 10 years ended this year. While this was hard it needed to happen. In time we will both be better off in many ways. While this represented a huge life change this is OK. It’s a change that helps us both to grow.

Losing my father this year was a devastating blow. Good came out of this! He lost his battle but he won the war! He lived an extraordinary life. His dying got him out of the tremendous pain he was in. It now hurts those left behind but in time we will all heal.

There was so much good in this year: New friendships, new relationships, new experiences, new opportunities…

I could list August 29th, 2010 as one of the GREATEST days of my life. On this day I completed the Ironman. As someone who so highly values fitness and physical accomplishments I can tell you that my greatest feeling that I have ever had from sports what the moment that I heard the announcer say, “Rick Copley: YOU ARE AN IRONMAN”.

I learned to play the guitar this year. I even played and sang for my dad before he passed away. This gift can never be taken away. The bucket list grows smaller.

I reflect so much this year and I learned so much about myself. I have never written as much as I’ve written this year. I have literally typed thousands of word that have helped me and helped others along this road of life. I feel that I have contributed!

As the calendar turns I can honestly say that I am thankful for the year that was. The hurt and the pain all turned to healing and hope. The sad times grow into happy days and new beginning and new experiences. The year is now gone. The chairs are put up. The tables have been put away. The sadness and brokenness of the low times are gone now. The ray of light of the New Year is shining brightly.

I enter the doorway of 2011 and try the new dance with excitement and joy. I mourn the loss of 2010. I will remember this year forever but now it is time for a new one.

To you 2011 I say bring it on. I am ready for you.

To you 2010 I say thank you. Thank you for bringing me great joy and great hardship; for I learned from both. Thank you for the gifts that you laid at my feet. Thank you for the dance of 99 days. Thank you for the Ironman. Thank you for my son and my family. Thank you for the words that inspire and give hope. Thank you for everything.

The future holds many challenges for me. The future holds much joy as well. I’m looking forward to both. My head is up, my eyes are open... I am ready.

Through the door I go…*deep breath* 

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