Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Book

I opened a book just the other day.

The reasons that I opened this book on that day I may never fully understand. They really don’t matter. I opened the book because I wanted to see what the story was inside. I wanted to experience the wonder of the unknown; the story that needs to be told.

I opened the book and I read. I read with a sense of wonder. I read for me and of because of me. I read for the mere sense of joy and fulfillment that reading can bring. The characters and the story don’t matter to anyone but me. That is not the point. The point is that I opened the book and found joy, wonder and a surreal sense of contentment.

The book had a nice cover but that it not why I opened it.

I NEEDED a book to read but that is not why I opened it.

The book needed to be read but that is not why I opened it.

I opened that book because I believe that there is a plan for my life. I believe that my plan involved me reading into this book. I followed my heart. I didn’t think. I just was. I just did. I just acted. I didn’t think about the consequences or what anyone else thought of the book.

I picked up the book, opened it and found quite a story.

I know in my heart of hearts that this book isn’t a long book. It’s a short story. It’s a story with a distinct ending. One day, not far off from today I will close the book and put it back onto the shelf. Knowing this didn’t stop me though.

You see this book has helped me to grow. This book has helped to guide me down this path that we call life. I am better because I opened this book.

This experience has brought me joy and peace in so many ways. The only despair I feel is the “what if”. The “what if” I never bothered to open this book because I questioned what was inside it or I doubted my plan.

That doubt scares me a little.

Today, though, there is no need for that doubt. I’m reading the book and enjoying every moment of the story.

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