Thursday, January 13, 2011

I wear those shoes too

I was walking down the sidewalk of my apartment complex just the other day. On the opposite walkway going into his apartment was a man about my age. Behind him were two young girls. I would say they were both around 13. Maybe 12 and 14 or 11 and 15. It doesn't matter. They were young girls with their dad.

A thought stuck me.

These girls were going to their dads tiny apartment to spend the weekend. They didn't seem sad. They weren't acting out. They were just doing the "dads house for the weekend" thing.

It did make me just a little sad. These girls obviously were sharing a room and a bathroom. No toys in the playroom. No basketball in the street. No late nights with friends talking about boys. They were spending a night or two in an apartment with their father. I reminded me of my childhood a little. You say goodbye to your one parent to say hello to your other parent. You leave behind your bedroom and your clothes and your friends to spend time with the parent in their apartment.

I felt a little bad for that man. A single dad. A little place.

It really made me think; for a moment I was actually lost in thought.

Then my son almost startled me. "Dad, can I have the key so I can unlock the door".

It was time for me to be a single dad for the weekend...

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