Friday, January 21, 2011

Fix 'er up real nice like

When I separated from my ex things were real hard on us both. It was a huge challenge for a couple of weeks for us to find common ground and understanding. As things got better I wanted very much to have a great relationship with her for our son and for our own sanity. For a while the egg shells went away and we started to build a fragile friendship.

That all got shattered to pieces when she didn't like some of the decisions that I had made. For a couple of months we were enemies and nothing seemed to make things better.

Then she told me something one day. She said that she finally figured out that I was going to do what I was going to do and that was the way things were going to be. In other words - We weren't married anymore.

I also gave up my jealousy and curiosity of her dating. Around the holidays everything lined up the way it should.

Now she is one of my best friends. We talk and text some but not too much. We spend time together but not to much. We don't kiss or have sex but we share time and create some memories.

I tell her what going on in my life. I tell her about the people I date and she tries either laughs at me or....OK, I guess she pretty much just laughs me. I do the same thing to her. We give each other advice and proceed to complete ignore it. It's almost like we are married again.

Out of the ashes or a broken marriage has formed a friendship. We still have our moments of upset; after all we are raising a child together from separate homes. But at the end of the day I am happy that she is my friend.

I am so glad that we fixed that.

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