Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Of course I get the fun job.

What I separated from my ex my fantastic son (I use that term in jest at 7:46am) got to stay and live with her.

I am OK with that. I live in an apartment down the street. Since she has a job and actually makes money and stuff she kept the house and all. I’m good with that.

For the last 10 years I have gotten my son up and off the wherever he was going. Some years he went to a baby sitter (Thanks Carrie!!), some years he went with me to work, some years I dropped him off at school or daycare, sometimes I let him sleep alone (Shhhh.. don’t tell his mom) but now he gets on the bus at 7:47am. It is my parental duty to get his lazy butt on the bus every morning.

I’m usually pretty good at it. Today, however, I ….ahem… missed the bus. (Pun intended!)

I didn’t say that I enjoyed it.

I guess I do enjoy it in a way I because I do get to see my son every day. That is nice. I should consider myself lucky. My dad only got to see me one weekend per month. I see my son every day of the year. Why does it have to be in the morning….

Today is a perfect example. I get to their house at 7:15am after teaching class 6am – 7am. I come in, (I have a key. I do have a good relationship with his mom) shut off the home alarm, and find him sleeping on the couch. That’s great. I wonder how late he was up watching TV on a school night.

Anyway. I wake him up. Plenty of time to get up and off to the bus at 7:47am. I go back to my laptop. 5 minutes later he’s still sleeping. I wake him again. I repeat this process over and over again until finally its 7:40am and REALLY time to get up. Again, he missed breakfast. He gets it at school so that’s OK. He’s up and getting dressed.

7:45am he finds his shoes and starts to untie his laces. Of course he’s been told 5 million times to untie his shoes before he takes them off. I want him to do things himself but I help anyway because, well we have about 90 seconds to get to the bus stop.

He finally gets his eyes open and his shoes on. Out the door at the exact time the other kids are getting on the bus.

We missed the bus; first time this year.

So glad I get to spend this quality time with my little dear.

Then he comes up to me with a smile on his face.

Colby: Knock, knock.

Dad: Who’s there?

Colby: Owls.

Dad: Owls who?

Colby: Yes they do!

I guess he’s going to be a good kid after all. If only he’d wake his lazy butt up!


  1. Thanks for stopping by and I am glad I get to be your first follower. Can't waito to read more about you!

  2. Thanks Danielle. I look forward to posting more!

  3. oh dear, late for the bus. :P I work as a nanny and I take my toddlers to preschool and let me tell you, I'm just happy to get out the door on time! haha. ;)

  4. Come to find out later that bus was actually early. My friends kid missed the bus also. Guess I shouldn't have been so mad at my boy!! lol