Monday, September 27, 2010

Why bother?

You really don’t need someone to help you with the dishes, laundry or the bills. Spend enough nights alone and you’ll find you really don’t need someone to sleep next you. Heck, you probably can get along better without a partner in bed to snore or steal the covers
Sex is nice but you can do that yourself also.

If you have a great day you can text your friend and get kudos. If you have a bad day you have lots of friends to lean on. If you’re grumpy you can even post to Facebook and one of your friends will be sure to brighten up your day.

You don’t need someone to complete you.

You don’t need someone to reassure you.

You don’t need a mate. You don’t need a spouse. You can do all of this yourself. You do not need to rely on someone else to meet your needs.

Vacations can be super fun with just your kids or vacations can be taken alone. Holidays can be spent with your parent or close friends. Friday nights can be spent with your besties. You can drink and laugh and carry on. You can do all this without a mate.

You do not need someone in your life; you can do it alone.

You can be strong and secure and you can take care of yourself. You don’t need some to protect you. You don’t need someone because you can do it yourself.

So why bother? Why bother to date? Why bother to think about a life with someone else? Why bother?
You don’t NEED anyone else.

Yeah, but it sure is nice.

It’s nice to wake up and feel the touch of someone you love and the warmth and safety they give you.

It’s nice to share your thoughts, fears, emotions and dreams with a love.

It’s nice to be in the arms of person that loves you and feels for you no matter what. It sure is nice.

It’s nice to look to have someone to talk to and lean on in moments when you are sad or vulnerable; yeah, it is.

It’s nice to look into the eyes of someone that steals your heart, capture them in a warm embrace and kiss them in a warm and deep kiss that brings you both to your knees.

Hmm. It is nice.

I am single but I do not identify myself as single. This is temporary. I do not need someone right now to complete me. I want someone. I will be patient but I know that life is better when you share it with someone. Again, I am patient. I am OK with being alone today but I don’t want to be lonely later.

I can call myself happy and content. That being said I can say with full confidence that, no matter what, I will take a chance on love. I will try to find someone to share my life with. I can be alone and I will be alone. This is how I choose to be now but not for ever.

Life is manageable alone. Life is magnificent with a partner. I’ve done both. I should know.

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