Wednesday, September 29, 2010

If I’d only known

It was November of 2006.

I was on my bike and flying

25 miles in well under an hour

50 miles in well under 2 hours

Swim had been good

Run was acceptable

In the end I was 85th in the world.

85th place at the Half Ironman World Championships.

If I had only known

That was 4 years ago

If I had only known that…

Within months I’d be changing diapers and feeding babies that were not my own in the middle of the night

I would not do another triathlon for 2 ½ years

I’d lose my business and my house

I’d face bankruptcy

I’d break my leg

I’d become a YMCA Wellness Director for 2 years then one day be asked not to come back to work

I’d be banned from the YMCA

I’d fight back from a broken leg to get back to make it to the starting line of the Duathlon World Championships then crash going 30 MPH

If I had only know that I’d become an Ironman but miss out on completing in the most prestigious triathlon on the world because of a hurt neck

If I had only known that I’d end up penniless in a tiny apartment, divorced and alone.

Would I have changed a thing?



Because I am happy and in the end that is all that matters.

If I had changed one single thing I may have never met her…

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