Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Match (dot com)

I signed up yesterday with I really don’t know why. I guess I’m going to find out. Never in all my life have I figured that I’d be one to try online dating. So many people are doing it these days so why not.

I am not looking for a long term relationship. I am looking for a person to say “hey”. Maybe chat. Maybe get lunch. Maybe go to a movie. Maybe go for a bike ride. I really don’t know. Honestly I really don’t care. I may find “the one” here. I may find a lady or two to have a good time with. You just never know.

I need to be smart now. I don’t want to just go back to my apartment every night and play guitar for myself and write blog entries. That’s fantastic but it isn’t a life. I want to get out and do stuff and meet people. There are lots of people out there to meet. For now I’m going to try the online world and see what it out there.

Today was day one. I made a profile. I did some searches. I sent some emails. Now I wait. I did get two winks. What does that mean? Why did a girl from Tampa wink at me? Isn’t that a little far to be winking? Is that like a “Poke” on Facebook? Ha! I guess I am pretty lame and clueless with this dating thing.

Why the rush?

I think there really is no rush. I am in no condition for a relationship right now so THAT is not the goal. This is the perfect time. No pressure. Just a chance to see what is out there.

I do have a rule though. I believe that I am a good catch. I believe that there are some ladies out there that are going to be lucky to have me.  I am going to my eyes open and be ready for what is out there.

Look! I have a message... “Hi, I like your profile…” and so it begins. … 

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