Friday, December 17, 2010

What I bring

As I venture into this dating world I want lay out what I bring to the table.

What do I bring to a relationship? Well.... I bring the penis.

Thanks for reading.


Here is what I bring to the table.

1. Honestly. I have little more than that. I know the error of my ways of my marriage and honesty was very high on that list. I will be honest with you about my intentions and the way that I am feeling.

2. I bring a 10 year old boy named Colby. No compromise there.

3. I am a runner and an athlete. That is my passion. Whether I find someone with that passion or not it is who I am.

4. I am a sensitive person. I don't like to be hurt and I don't have very thick skin. It is who I am.

5. I am divorced and recovering from a broken heart. These are different things and both left me with scares on my heart that I need time to work through. I doesn't get in the way of how I act or what I do BUT these are events in my life that happened and I will never change that.

6. I bring the unique combination of low self-esteem and confidence with arrogance that will be downright confusing. Again it is who I am but it is not a bad thing. It just is.

7. I am a personal trainer in a tough economy. I live alone and I pay my bills but I am not well off by any means. I do, howeve,r have a passion for what I do and love my job.

8. I have an intrinsic physical strength that, to be honest, even astounds me. I will try not try break you when I hug you. Yeah, it's weird.

9. I love to play guitar and think I'm better than I am. Same with singing.

10. I tend to start things and not finish them. Not a good quality.

11. When I fall in love I fall hard. If I do fall in love then I am devoted and true. Yes, I am the guy that everyone has heard about but never seen.

12. I live a public life with my blogs and on Facebook. If I am dating someone exclusively I will not release and publicize details of our relationship BUT I will stand on top of the highest mountain and point to you saying "THAT's HER!"

13. I bring a not perfect person to a relationship. I do, however, bring a person that has learned and continues to learn.

14. I am someone that will give as much as I can even when it doesn't come back (for a while. See #17).

15. I bring 4 bikes and some crazy goals that include climbing mountains and doing crazy things.

16. I bring me to a relationship. I bring my A game at all times. I bring energy and enthusiasm. I bring a positive attitude and optimism to a fault.

17. The last thing I bring is this: If I am committed to you and don't feel the same I will walk away because I have learned to value myself as a person. I am a good catch. I am someone that a lady is going to be lucky to have. I want to get married to a person someday that tells all her friends.... "THAT'S HIM".

That is what I bring.


  1. I hope that you put all of this in your profile. It is wonderful.

  2. Thanks Danielle. If I've learned anything I've learned that honesty and good and asking people to accept who you are is even better. I offer no apologies for who I am. You get what you see with me and that's perfectly fine.